Become the singer you dream of being.

Our studio includes beginners and pros, kids and adults. Sure, some are born with an extra dose of talent, but everyone can learn to sing! Come discover your own unique voice at Hartt Vocal Studio. 

Know how your voice works.

Expand your range, smooth out your breaks, gain power, harness your breath, and develop confidence as a performer.

Develop confidence and discover the joy of performing.

Every semester culminates in a studio concert accompanied by live band.


Meet the Teacher

An experienced music educator whose own childhood was enriched by musical experiences, Ruth is passionate about providing inspirational musical experience for students of all ages. Her background includes work as a voice teacher, choral director, musical theater coach, and professional singer. She loves helping her clients unlock their full potential as vocalists and performers.

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Hear the Singers


Get to Know the Studio

Hartt Vocal Studio is a Stoneham-based music studio for students of all ages, offering voice lessons, piano lessons, and Glee Club. Many students join the studio to get help preparing for auditions, performances, solos, and other special events. Repertoire covers a variety of styles, from classical and musical theater to jazz and pop. Students can join the Adult Studio, the Pre-College Studio, or the Youth Studio.  

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