About the Studio

Hartt Vocal Studio is a Stoneham-based music studio for students of all ages, offering voice lessons, piano lessons, and Glee Club. Many students join the studio to get help preparing for auditions, performances, solos, and other special events. Repertoire covers a variety of styles, from classical and musical theater to jazz and pop. Students can join the Adult Studio (college ages and beyond), the Pre-College Studio (high school ages) or the Youth Studio (elementary and middle school ages). 

Students learn in a relaxed and nurturing environment as Ruth guides them toward a healthy vocal technique, confidence, and strong musical skills. Prospective students need not have prior training – Ruth is experienced in teaching students of all levels and abilities. Her individualized approach ensures that each student develops a strong foundation in vocal technique and shows, with a consistent home practice routine, rapid progress from week to week. Along the way, Ruth helps her students develop confidence, poise, and stage presence, encouraging them to be expressive singers and performers. 

At Hartt Vocal Studio, we are performance-focused. Why learn to sing if you're not going to share your voice with others? Students are quickly motivated to practice at home when they know they have a studio recording session coming up on their new song. Each student is encouraged regularly to pursue outside performance opportunities, whether it be a solo at church or school, a musical theater audition, a vocal competition, or an open mic night.


Drawing on functional voice training, bel canto, and speech level singing methods, Ruth guides her students toward a healthy and efficient vocal technique, emphasizing proper use of breath, balanced registration, and the elimination of tension. A typical lesson begins with physical warmups, breathing practice, and vocal exercises. Students may request tutoring on note-reading skills and ear training. Students sing musical theater, classical, jazz, pop, and more.

Online Studio Account

After registration, students gain access to their online studio account, where they can pay invoices, check lesson schedules, and log practice sessions. The account provides automatic lesson reminders, lesson notes, and easy invoice payment.

Learn more about studio policies here.


Ruth works to help you meet your vocal goals, including:

  • Stretch your range

  • Develop a more powerful voice

  • Sing without tension

  • Use your breath properly

  • Smooth out the shift/break between your registers

  • Sing high notes with ease

  • Gain confidence on stage

  • Build your musical skills

  • Develop a pleasant tone that sounds like YOU

  • Unlock your potential as a vocalist and performer

  • Learn how to engage the audience with a dynamic performance

  • Audition with confidence