Are you accepting new students?

The studio roster is full at this time. However, the studio runs on a trimester system, and there are often students transitioning in and out at the beginning of each trimester (September, January, May).

How long does it take to learn to sing?

The length of time required to learn to sing depends on what level you hope to achieve. (For example, most professional opera singers have studied with an undergraduate voice teacher for 4 years and a graduate voice teacher for 2 years before embarking on a performance career.) In addition, most singers, whether classical, pop, jazz, or musical theater, continue studying with a voice teacher while performing regularly. The pace of vocal progress depends on the your natural ability, musical background, self-initiative, and especially your home practice habits. Once you begin vocal study, it is recommended that you commit to at least 6 months of regular weekly lessons to experience discernible vocal progress.

Is it safe for a child to take voice lessons before puberty?

Many children learn to sing by imitating singers they hear on the radio. This can often lead to potentially damaging vocal habits. Isn’t it best to entrust your child’s voice to a teacher who can steer them away from unhealthy belting and can help them develop musicality, a wide repertoire, healthy vocal habits, and note-reading skills that will prepare them for future singing success?

What are your rates?

Students register for 4-month trimester packages (Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer). The cost per trimester package is $1600. I also offer the option to register for an $800 bi-weekly package.

How do your rates compare to other studios’?

While recognizing my 15 years’ experience and high level of training, Hartt Vocal Studio tuition costs reflect my commitment to stay within the competitive range. The chart below reflects 2019 rates.

Studio Rates Comparison 2019.png

What am I getting for my money?

At Hartt Vocal Studio, tuition costs reflect your teacher’s 15 years of teaching experience, high level of training and education, piano ability, and performance background. In addition to face-to-face time in the studio, your private lesson tuition also covers:

  • 14 sixty-minute lessons tailored to meet your individual needs and goals

  • A weekly lesson time reserved especially for you

  • A teacher who is a skilled pianist – no need to pay for a lesson accompanist

  • Unlimited lesson swap requests via our Google group

  • Teacher planning and preparation, including technical research and repertoire selection

  • Unlimited email/text support on vocal health, audition prep, and repertoire selection

  • Online studio portal to log practice time, view schedule & account balance

  • Access to recording gear for audition CDs and videos

  • College and career counseling; recommendation letters

  • Studio website and social media providing singing resources, audition notices, and more

Is your studio accessible by public transportation?

My Stoneham studio is not far from the commuter rail and bus route #132.

What if I’m a total beginner? 

Prospective students need not have prior training – Ruth is experienced in teaching students of all levels and abilities. Her individualized approach ensures that each student develops a strong foundation in vocal technique and, with a consistent home practice routine, shows rapid progress from week to week.

What can I expect in my first lesson?

Prospective students are scheduled for an introductory lesson. This session gives the student the opportunity to determine whether Hartt Vocal Studio is a good fit for them. It also gives Ruth the chance to get to know the student’s ability and determine whether the student is a good fit for the studio. The $100 fee for the introductory lesson must be prepaid via invoice (which Ruth will email) to reserve your lesson time. During this 60-minute session we will discuss your experience, goals, and interests. I will conduct an evaluation of your current vocal technique through a series of vocal exercises and warmups. You will also be asked to sing a familiar song (your choice or something I select). I will then suggest a series of goals and strategies to get you on the right track. There is no obligation to sign up for more lessons right away. If my studio is a good fit and you are willing to commit to the studio policies, you can request to register for the upcoming trimester.

I want to sign up for a trimester, but I can’t afford the entire payment up front.

Students may request a monthly payment plan.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

At Hartt Vocal Studio, student cancellations cannot be rescheduled, however, students may request unlimited lesson swaps.

Can I give lessons as a gift?

At this time, gift certificates are not available, as there aren’t any available lesson slots for drop-ins.