“I’ve studied voice with at least a half dozen different voice teachers, and Ruth is one of the best. I would still be studying for her if it weren’t for a move. Sometimes music teachers seem to follow a prescribed order of exercises or warmups out of a book, but Ruth gives careful thought to the exercises that will benefit each singer, whether they need to work on relaxing the jaw, connecting head and chest voice, or creating long, fluid lines (if you’re a new to voice, she’ll break it down in a way that’s not too technical or intimidating). She gives input on song selection, but also lets students work on the songs that interest them.”

“The online system she uses for scheduling lessons and keeping track of payment ensures that you don’t waste lesson time sorting out those details. Her enthusiasm and professionalism are top-notch and she genuinely cares about her students’ musical and personal development. Overall, I would highly recommend her to beginning or advanced singers!”

“[Ruth is] a musical artist with great skill, expressive interpretative ability, and a magnificent singer. She brings energy, openness, warmth, and creativity to all her roles as singer, teacher, and choral music director. I highly recommend Ruth as a teacher for any singer who wants to work hard and learn good vocal technique.”

“Best studio in Boston. Truly, your studio has grown so much and is now so multi-faceted, it’s amazing.”

“Ruth has taught both of my teenage children. She is patient and has instilled a love of voice/music in both of them. They have each been admitted to auditioned choruses and my daughter has won a place in an outstanding college a cappella group. Their lessons have been a wonderful experience for both of them.”

“Yesterday’s trial lesson was magical. She loved it, and so did I...You are an extraordinary teacher and artist. We feel very fortunate to have found you.”

“When I ran into issues, she wouldn’t hold back but gave critiques in a constructive way. When my voice was working well, she gave very specific (rather than generic or vague) feedback so I could duplicate it and know exactly why it’s working. We talked about the mechanics of how you sing, as well as the nuances of phrasing, style, and expression.”

“Thank you for a great first lesson!  [Student] was dancing for hours and has already practiced this morning.  We are very pleased and excited. You have a gift!”

“Ruth has the ability to be both a teacher and a mentor. Her own passion for voice allows students to be inspired. Her ability to teach and get the best out of each student is incredible. She is truly an outstanding teacher!”

“Fantastic teacher – Ruth had a great way of using imagery to explain vocal techniques that was so helpful. She had high energy in our lessons too that got me excited and ready to work! I’m so grateful to have studied with Ruth and the knowledge I gained about singing from lessons will stay with me.”

“Ruth is a wonderful teacher, and I do not say this lightly! She has a way of making you feel very comfortable, is extremely encouraging, and really considers what your likes and dislikes are when it comes to song/genre choice. I had taken a few years off from singing, as life and work kept me very busy, and she has really helped me get back into it. No matter your level of experience she will be able to work with you."

“Ruth has a spectacular voice and is incredibly experienced as a performer; which enables her students to learn thru her vast experience. If you are looking for someone to make you the best singer you can be, and still have a little fun in the process, Ruth is the teacher for you!”

“Thank you…for your contagious enthusiasm, your extraordinary, patient teaching…and most of all for the invitation to singing you extend without limit.”